a girl disturbed by her partner’s snoring

Who is this Jimmy Guy from the Zyppah Commercial?

Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy!!! If you watch MSNBC or even listen to Sirius XM radio, then you have definitely watched the Zyppah commercial.

It has been reported that around 45 percent of adults snore occasionally and around 25 percent snore on a regular basis.

Now for those who snore and are unaware of a snoring mouthpiece or mouth guard, you may have not heard about this anti-snoring solution.

But Jimmy the Zyppah guy has managed to impact every household with his wise stereotypical New York accent.

This commercial has managed to affect different viewers and attracted customers about the Zyppah device in a fun and memorable way.

This guy does not appear on camera but his voice makes his presence known throughout the commercial.

If you have not seen it yet, watch the Zyppah commercial below:

Link: https://youtu.be/nWHIkX7_mHY

Ever since the release of this anti-snoring mouthpiece commercial, this person has become the talk of the town as customers are longing to know who is the voice behind the guy, Jimmy!

His wise joke-cracking voice and impersonation is the reason why customers on social media want to know who the real Jimmy is because they can't get enough of him.

Is he a salesperson of the company?

Well, Jimmy is a brilliant character created by Zyppah that addresses the seriousness of the snoring problem amongst people while cracking inappropriate jokes.

In the many commercials featuring the voice of the person, Jimmy seems to insist on reminding people that snoring can cause relationship problems or in his words snoring abuse.

The 'Imma touch it right now" Zyppah commercial is an extremely light-hearted advertisement that has grabbed people's attention.
Watch the video here:

Link: https://youtu.be/mZBiPxn-haA
No one really knows who the real Jimmy is but he could be a full-time salesperson for Zyppah or at least it seems so.

No one can actually see his face or recognize his voice even though he is constantly telling people what to do and what not to do.

It is obvious that he is always promoting the Zyppah device so it makes sense in calling him their salesperson.

Since the company has chosen not to release the identity of the person behind the voice, we will have to get creative and use our imagination.

He really cares about the dangers of snoring and how it is associated with a serious sleep disorder known as obstructive sleep apnea.

While his stereotypical Italian accent and jokes about things that shouldn't be joked about may have some negative effect amongst some customers.

But promoting Zyppah as an anti-snoring solution has probably boosted sales for the company and become an excellent marketing strategy.

Zyppah's oral appliances have proven to be effective in reducing snoring at night, here are some of the best anti snoring devices available in the market that can work perfect for you

a girl disturbed by her partner’s snoring

Have you heard about the Zyppah Device?

The Zyppah product is an FDA-approved plastic that is non-toxic and latex-free. While the tongue strap is made of a soft rubber that firmly holds it in place during the night.

The main objective of this device is to reduce snoring in individuals and improve sleep quality.

But does it really work? Read the full review here!


Who created the Zyppah device?

The Zyppah oral appliance was created by Dr. Jonathan Greenburg, a dentist residing in the United States.

Is Jimmy the best employee in the company?

Well, we are not sure but considering the attraction he brought in with the commercials. He definitely deserves a reward.

Is he Italian?

No one really knows. But feel free to use your imagination and decide for yourself!

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