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Does Your Partner’s Snoring Affect Your Relationship?

One of the greatest pleasures in life is sharing your bed with the person you love as it is an act of trust and intimacy with one another.

But even the strongest of relations can be affected by your sleeping partner's snoring.

Interrupted sleep can cause resentment, arguments, separate sleeping routines, mood swings, irritability, sleep deprivation, daytime sleepiness, and even fatigue.

Dealing with your snoring problem can help you and your bed partner maintain a healthy relationship without affecting each other's physical and mental health.

a couple sleeping together

Impact of Snoring on Your Partner

According to a sleep cycle study, 52% of American women wake up because of their partner's snoring.

Poor sleep can lead to a major effect on your sleep partner as it affects their productivity and ability to concentrate during their daily routines.

Sadly, partners unable to get a good night's sleep often blame the snorer while the snorer will resent their sleep mate for making an issue about their snoring problem.

Some couples eventually decide to sleep separately in two different rooms so that they can sleep better.

Unfortunately, some couples are unable to find a solid ground because of their snoring spouse, they end up getting a sleep divorce. Yes, that actually happens!

According to snoring divorce statistics, snoring is the third leading cause of divorce in the United States.

To avoid this, you must communicate and understand the reason for the loud snoring. By doing so you will be able to find the right solution for your bed partner.

We will talk about this in detail later in the article.

In this video, Dr. Madan Kandula from ADVENT, Advanced Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist can help you talk about the snoring issue with your sleep partner.

Link: https://youtu.be/s9mmF4rDpKA

Before we go ahead we must understand some of the reasons why your sleep partner is a heavy snorer and how you can reduce snoring to improve your bed partner's sleep quality.

Snoring can be Associated with Sleep Apnea

Your snoring problem is closely associated with obstructive sleep apnea. It is a very dangerous sleep disorder that blocks your airway and prevents you from breathing.

Loud snoring, heavy snoring, are some of the signs that you must watch out for to identify sleep apnea in your snoring partner.

Snoring does not just affect your sleep partner but is also linked to several health diseases such as stroke, weakened immune system, fluctuating blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and other cardiovascular diseases.

Another huge red flag for your sleeping partner or a heavy snorer like yourself, it can affect your sexual performance.

A 2009 study reported that out of 401 men, 70% who were suspected of sleep apnea were diagnosed with erectile dysfunction.

Intimacy is one of the most important aspects of relationships and marriages.

That's why it is necessary that you must address and communicate your snoring problem so that you can find a solution to improve your overall sexual intimacy with your snoring spouse.

It's important to recognize that sleep apnea is treatable. The best way to treat mild sleep apnea is through oral devices such as a snore guard or mouthpiece.

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Here's what you can do about it

Looking for solutions to your snoring problem? The most common sleep apnea treatment is the CPAP machine that will in your partner's breathing. However, you can consider lifestyle changes and other solutions such as:

Avoid Alcohol before bed

As we learned that snoring is caused when your throat muscles are relaxed. Alcohol or smoking can cause these tissues and muscles to relax, even more, making your snoring worse or louder.

A great alternative for alcohol is having tea instead. You can consider having lavender, green tea, or any other herbal tea to encourage sleepiness and induce relaxation of your nerves.

Sleep position

Your sleeping position can play a vital role in reducing your ability to snore. The best position to help you sleep better at night for you and your partner is sleeping on your side.

By doing so, your tongue does not collapse back into your throat thereby ensuring that your airway is open and encourages smooth blood flow in your body.

Use a Sleep Aid

A nasal dilator is a great option to reduce snoring for your partner which will cause less interrupted sleep and provide excellent sleep quality.

If your snoring partner has a blocked nasal passage or a narrower airway, a nasal sleep aid can promote better sleep.

Elevate your bed or head

Elevating your bed or head slightly with a wedge or a pillow can help prevent you from snoring.

This is because a raised bed or elevated head ensures that there is no airway obstruction which promotes healthy breathing.

Does Your Partner’s Snoring Affect Your Relationship

Oral devices

Due to the number of reports in the wellness market, there are a number of devices ranging from mild to extreme that can help reduce different sleep disorders like snoring and sleep apnea.

Anti-snoring mouthpieces and mouthguards work great in reducing snoring and promote quality sleep for its users. Here are some of the most recommended anti snoring devices in the market today!

Treat cold, allergies, etc

Now it is important to note that snoring does not necessarily mean you have sleep apnea.

Sometimes if you have a cold, allergies or other related illness it can collapse your nasal massage making it difficult for you to breathe.

Treating these illnesses can directly affect your snoring and reduce it completely.

Sleep routine

If you and your sleep mate are unable to achieve quality sleep, creating an excellent sleep routine can help improve sleep quality.

Training your body to sleep early, avoid electronics in bed, wake up early, avoid coffee, etc will help improve your sleep cycle.


As a couple, make sure that your bedroom encourages relaxation and calmness because it can result in a good night's sleep.

Ensure that your room and bed are clean and distraction free. Regularly replacing your bedding and checking on your thermostat can promote better sleep.


The last thing you would want in your relationship is to sleep in separate beds. Don't let snoring come between you and your sleep partner.

Speaking to a sleep specialist can help you both overcome snoring with affordable and safe solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes snoring in females?

Weight, cold, allergies, alcohol intake, sinuses are some of the factors that cause snoring in females.

Is it bad to wake up a snoring person?

Usually no, if your sleep partner is a light sleeper they will be much easier to wake up but a heavy snorer may be a challenge.

Does snoring get worse with age?

As you grow old, your tongue and throat muscles become weak. Along with this, old age is also associated with sleep changes that can increase snoring.

What are the different anti-snoring devices?

There are several different anti-snoring devices available in the market such as Mandibular Advancement Devices (MADS), Tongue Retaining Devices (TRDs) and Jaw Advancing Devices (JADS).

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